Humor   Fat Moose   Marshall Artist  
  A Danish street wear brand founded in 2007. From the early sketches and up until now Humor continues to capture the edgy trends and breaking boundaries to shake up the ordinary thoughts of contemporary menswear. Humor was born wild and the core identity is to bring this unlimited and contemporary lifestyle to everyone who believes that they can always be stronger and run faster. Humor is an urban and sporty brand for the street. The scene is set for a high degree of individual interpretation with each collection taking on a seasonal theme. Humor is playing on the expectations and the ability to always stay relevant in the trust of an always discerning and unbreakable fashion fan.   A Danish menswear label founded in 2010 in Denmark. The main philosophy behind the collections is utility and technology. With focus on fabric and function, the styles are designed for the challenges of everyday life but with the strength and details for all possible outdoor challenges. The approach to the design and construction of the collections is rooted both in industrial design as well as traditional fashion design. This gives the garments the functions and features normally used only in professional workwear combined with innovative fabrics and designs.¬†   Born in London EC1 in 2001 and quickly becoming acknowledged as one of the UK's best loved emerging menswear brands. The brand has been represented at some of the UK's finest stores including Jones and Selfridges of London, as well as international stores including Colette of Paris and Ships of Japan. Marshall Artist has been spotted on the backs of many key people over the years including Jude Law, David Beckham and the Gallagher brothers to name a few.  
  Manuel Ritz   Tramarossa   Dstrezzed  
  Taking from the unforgettable milestone of the Eighties' success, Manuel Ritz renewed itself and its passion for fashion, clothing and creative soul. Just like the beginning the brand still presents a complete world made of perfectly tailored pieces of clothing, essential in cuts and unmistakably stylist. The total look collections, are well balanced between clothing and accessories, finding their unmistakable style and strength point in the jackets and suits. Brilliant creative inquisitive, the Manuel Ritz man soaks up inspirations, impressions and ideas.   The project burst into life in 1967 when Chemello Urbano, a young tailor, embarked on the production of blue jeans. At the time, denim was manufactured using shuttle looms and it was easily recognizable bits closed clevage.
The first pair of blue jeans made by Chemello Urbano was red selvage denim, a colour which was a feature of all denim fabrics of the time. This distinctive characteristic was the inspiration for the name: Tramarossa.
From then on and for forty years the name Tramarossa was only used on those jeans whose traces disappeared until today.
It was Urbano's 4 sons, themselves, like their father, denim manufactures who found the designs along with the first Tramarossa  research and who immediately understood the contemporary value of the project and decided to rekindle their father's ideas.
  The luxury vintage company was established by Aleksander R. Dentski an immigrant who found the entrepreneur in himself by coming up with the idea of improving the workers lives. His plan was to establish a company that would produce comfortable garments that men could wear after their work, after all a vital part of their lives. The fabrics had to be unique in appearance as well as superior in comfort and functionality, underpinned by the highest level of quality. Doing so the workers could DSTREZZ and still look fresh.  
  Since its inception in 2002, Ransom has emerged as a leading name in contemporary men's fashion. What began as an exclusive Toronto boutique has transformed into a distinctly Canadian label, sold by some of the world's most influential purveyors of menswear.          
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